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Hoisin Duck, Mihun (Noodles) and Vegetables

Here is a meal that can be made entirely from a visit to Aldi.

The Noodles can be found in the fresh section by the Asian meals. I like the Mihun Noodles (£2.49). They provide about four portions, so for us that is two meals. The vegetables here are Broccoli and Carrots which have been steamed to retain all that goodness. The duck legs can be found in the freezer section, each packet contains two legs and is available in three different flavours.



Salmon Scrambled Egg on Toast

This is one of my favourite ways to start the day.

You will need:

  • Eggs

  • Single Cream

  • Smoked Salmon (Aldi @ £2.99 per packet)

  • Dill

  • Bread (I use Aldi's Specially Selected Farmhouse Multigrain Batch @ 99p a loaf.)

  • Butter

Break eggs into a mixing bowl and add a splash of cream. One Large egg should be sufficient for a single portion (covers one slice of toast) but if you like to have a lot then use 2 eggs. Whisk together until mixed. Thinly cut up one or two slices of salmon. If you are using fresh dill cut some into the egg mixture if using dried shake a fair amount in. You may wish to add pepper to taste, you shouldn't need to add salt. Put your bread in the toaster. Put butter in the frying pan. When butter has melted add the Salmon to the egg mixture and then pour the egg mixture into the pan. Using a wooden spoon agitate the egg until cooked. Butter your toast, put Scrambled Egg on the toast and enjoy.



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Baby Group

Today has been a beautiful day. It did look a little cold to start out with but the sun soon visited.

This morning is baby group. We take little girl to the local child centre to socialise with other babies and see how the other mummies are doing. It is always nice to see what the other babies are up to as it can sometimes give you a clue on what they might be up to next.

They also have a different variety of toys out each week and it is nice for her to play with something different. She always find it a little tiring and ends up sleeping on me half way through the session.

Today was sensory day. We had a tent put out with fairy lights on top (very relaxing), long optical lights for babies, which she played with today. There was also a Christmas box with baubles, shiny pebbles and baubles. We also had a lot of new faces visit, I guess because yesterday was a bank holiday and the Monday groups suffer by getting cancelled.

As the weather was so nice and warm we spent a few hours out in the garden. I put out her jungle gym and placed a blanket over the top to provide some shade, she rather enjoyed spending the time in the nice fresh air and it was also nice to have the sun on our skin for a change.

Lunch today was the Bratwurst (an item off the meal planner) and supper was Tuna and Sweetcorn Pasta in an Aldi Tomato and Chilli Pasta Sauce (bowties). Baby also had a go at eating a little pasta, she was able to pick up and put to her mouth. A piece ended up on her, and she was wearing a bow tie, which was hilarious and provided a photo opportunity.

I have booked Sensory Room tomorrow for baby. The Sensory room is a lovely little room at the Childrens Centre. It is full of lovely items, an optical light wall, a large bubble tube, a galaxy projector, a ball pit with a bassy sound system and a UV light with toys. Her favourite item every time has been the bubble tube, she finds it so relaxing she ends up falling asleep. My favourite item is the galaxy projector, I would love one for my bedroom!

I haven't done any work on swagbucks today. I will leave it 13sb earned. 9sb on that was a lucky search. I am at a total of 343 SB, still miles away from my goal of getting a £5 Amazon voucher.

Car Boot Sale

It was an early start for us today as we headed towards our first car boot sale of the year. Car boot sales are fantastic places to pick up kids toys and clothing for cheap. Most of it is good quality and some of it has not even been worn. They are also great places to pick up books, cook books, kids books, older music CDs and DVDs. We managed to find some beautiful clothes and a lovely sleep-suit for our baby girl. I did see some Thomas the Tank Engine Books and Disney Groiler books, but I will purchase children books at a later time. Even if you do not plan to buy anything they make a nice stroll, especially when the sun is shining.

Below is a picture of our spoils, in total we spent about £12 on the clothes, £9 on toys and £4 on a buggy strap (our buggy didn't come with one as it was 2nd hand) which is a grand total of £25. Not bad!

There is another car boot sale tomorrow - but we are going with the neighbour, so hopefully it will just be a nice walk for us.



Ending the day with 40 swagbucks earned. This is 30 over my goal for today. I tried to do some surveys, but two had closed and two decided to disqualify me from the answers I provided.

If you wish to join swagbucks then please use my referral link swagbucks.com/refer/Imdaewen

You may also find it handy to bookmark the Swagbucks 2014 thread over at moneysavingexpert. The guys post up the swag codes and search terms that can net you extra SBs. Very handy!

Meal Planner

Okay it's not a traditional Meal Planner tracking what we are going to eat and when, it is more of a list of what is available.

1. Lambshank (Need to purchase additional shank)
2. Toad in the Hole
3. Salmon Terrine
4. Sausages
5. Duck Legs (Hoisin and Orange)
6. Pizzas
7. 4 Bird Roast
8. Quiche
9. Mince
10. Clarence Chicken
11. Fishfingers
12. Oxtail
13. Scampi
14. Prawns
15. Pork Joint
16. Chicken Thighs (Boned)
19. Bratwurst
20. Samosas

We stopped 'Meal Planning' a couple of weeks ago. There used to be a few items on the board and now it has ballooned to 20 items. Hopefully this month we can eat most of this and at least quarter the list! We have a small undercounter freezer in the garage which is also hosting some BBQ food which is not on the list. If we can I would like to see the Garage freezer gone. It is potentially costing us 10p per day.

May Moneysaving Goals

This is going to be a diary of how we manage to save money and hopefully improve our lives by achieving small goals. We have already managed to change our life style to something a little more money saving.

From the end of last year we have changed over to shopping at Aldi. Beforehand we was spending £100+ easy at the regular supermarkets. Our trolley would be full of items we didn't really need because
1. We rarely had a shopping list and
2. The probably not so special offers.

Shopping at Aldi is great mainly because there are no special offers. There is no need to stock up on items as it is going to be the same price the next time you visit. Also, Aldi isn't a huge premises filled up with aisle upon aisle of differently branded food. Don't expect a wall of baked beans of different brands, flavours or lo-salt options. It means you can be in and out quickly.

- Weekly Grocery Shopping of £45.
- Minimum/No Use of the Tumble Dryer. Potential saving of 50p per tumble.
- Credit Card - Track use with a Monthly Budget of £200. (This includes Cat Food, Fuel etc)
- Use up Meat available in the Freezer
- Move OH Mobile to PayG.
- Earn at least 10 swagbucks per day for £5 Amazon Voucher.

GOALS Achieved:
- Move my mobile to SIM Only PayG Contract
Old Contract: £300, New Contract: £120. Saving: £15 per month / £180 per year

Get a free giffgaff Sim

Films I've seen in 2013

Wreck-it Ralph
Beautiful Creatures
Warm Bodies
A Good day to Die-Hard

Read more...Collapse )

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