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May Moneysaving Goals

This is going to be a diary of how we manage to save money and hopefully improve our lives by achieving small goals. We have already managed to change our life style to something a little more money saving.

From the end of last year we have changed over to shopping at Aldi. Beforehand we was spending £100+ easy at the regular supermarkets. Our trolley would be full of items we didn't really need because
1. We rarely had a shopping list and
2. The probably not so special offers.

Shopping at Aldi is great mainly because there are no special offers. There is no need to stock up on items as it is going to be the same price the next time you visit. Also, Aldi isn't a huge premises filled up with aisle upon aisle of differently branded food. Don't expect a wall of baked beans of different brands, flavours or lo-salt options. It means you can be in and out quickly.

- Weekly Grocery Shopping of £45.
- Minimum/No Use of the Tumble Dryer. Potential saving of 50p per tumble.
- Credit Card - Track use with a Monthly Budget of £200. (This includes Cat Food, Fuel etc)
- Use up Meat available in the Freezer
- Move OH Mobile to PayG.
- Earn at least 10 swagbucks per day for £5 Amazon Voucher.

GOALS Achieved:
- Move my mobile to SIM Only PayG Contract
Old Contract: £300, New Contract: £120. Saving: £15 per month / £180 per year

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