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Meal Planner

Okay it's not a traditional Meal Planner tracking what we are going to eat and when, it is more of a list of what is available.

1. Lambshank (Need to purchase additional shank)
2. Toad in the Hole
3. Salmon Terrine
4. Sausages
5. Duck Legs (Hoisin and Orange)
6. Pizzas
7. 4 Bird Roast
8. Quiche
9. Mince
10. Clarence Chicken
11. Fishfingers
12. Oxtail
13. Scampi
14. Prawns
15. Pork Joint
16. Chicken Thighs (Boned)
19. Bratwurst
20. Samosas

We stopped 'Meal Planning' a couple of weeks ago. There used to be a few items on the board and now it has ballooned to 20 items. Hopefully this month we can eat most of this and at least quarter the list! We have a small undercounter freezer in the garage which is also hosting some BBQ food which is not on the list. If we can I would like to see the Garage freezer gone. It is potentially costing us 10p per day.