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Car Boot Sale

It was an early start for us today as we headed towards our first car boot sale of the year. Car boot sales are fantastic places to pick up kids toys and clothing for cheap. Most of it is good quality and some of it has not even been worn. They are also great places to pick up books, cook books, kids books, older music CDs and DVDs. We managed to find some beautiful clothes and a lovely sleep-suit for our baby girl. I did see some Thomas the Tank Engine Books and Disney Groiler books, but I will purchase children books at a later time. Even if you do not plan to buy anything they make a nice stroll, especially when the sun is shining.

Below is a picture of our spoils, in total we spent about £12 on the clothes, £9 on toys and £4 on a buggy strap (our buggy didn't come with one as it was 2nd hand) which is a grand total of £25. Not bad!

There is another car boot sale tomorrow - but we are going with the neighbour, so hopefully it will just be a nice walk for us.