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Baby Group

Today has been a beautiful day. It did look a little cold to start out with but the sun soon visited.

This morning is baby group. We take little girl to the local child centre to socialise with other babies and see how the other mummies are doing. It is always nice to see what the other babies are up to as it can sometimes give you a clue on what they might be up to next.

They also have a different variety of toys out each week and it is nice for her to play with something different. She always find it a little tiring and ends up sleeping on me half way through the session.

Today was sensory day. We had a tent put out with fairy lights on top (very relaxing), long optical lights for babies, which she played with today. There was also a Christmas box with baubles, shiny pebbles and baubles. We also had a lot of new faces visit, I guess because yesterday was a bank holiday and the Monday groups suffer by getting cancelled.

As the weather was so nice and warm we spent a few hours out in the garden. I put out her jungle gym and placed a blanket over the top to provide some shade, she rather enjoyed spending the time in the nice fresh air and it was also nice to have the sun on our skin for a change.

Lunch today was the Bratwurst (an item off the meal planner) and supper was Tuna and Sweetcorn Pasta in an Aldi Tomato and Chilli Pasta Sauce (bowties). Baby also had a go at eating a little pasta, she was able to pick up and put to her mouth. A piece ended up on her, and she was wearing a bow tie, which was hilarious and provided a photo opportunity.

I have booked Sensory Room tomorrow for baby. The Sensory room is a lovely little room at the Childrens Centre. It is full of lovely items, an optical light wall, a large bubble tube, a galaxy projector, a ball pit with a bassy sound system and a UV light with toys. Her favourite item every time has been the bubble tube, she finds it so relaxing she ends up falling asleep. My favourite item is the galaxy projector, I would love one for my bedroom!

I haven't done any work on swagbucks today. I will leave it 13sb earned. 9sb on that was a lucky search. I am at a total of 343 SB, still miles away from my goal of getting a £5 Amazon voucher.